Ladybug Class Update (December 2015)

The Ladybug Class has been very busy these last few weeks.  We began the month of November learning about manners and incorporating these into our everyday routines.   We also discussed specific table manners in preparation for Thanksgiving.  In order to accomplish this, we had a puppet show to explain some good table manners and some “silly” table manners.  After we finished the puppet show, the students used our tabletop time (structured activities during arrival) to have tea parties.  The students were able to pour their own apple juice, and scoop their own Cheerios as they focused on chewing with their mouth closed, eating one piece at a time and possible social opportunities.  If they were participating with a peer, the students were encouraged to ask questions about what their favorite animal may be or what they did over the weekend.  The Ladybug Class really enjoyed their time at the tea party.  

In addition to our Manners theme, the students have been hard at work with their letters.  Each week is dedicated to a certain letter of the alphabet.  The students work on the sound that each letter makes, as well as how to write that uppercase letter and continue to practice this throughout the week.  We have been applying this knowledge to our sign-ins in the morning and are beginning to write the letters in our name.  The students are also working hard to build their arm and hand muscle strength.  We are doing this by having the students write on a vertical surface, use their pincer grasp with clothespins and clickers, as well as, explore coloring with different textures such as sand paper or a latch board.  All of these tools combined, will help students build the muscle strength to hold their writing utensil with a tripod grasp and use scissors to cut long strips, which are important skills to take to Kindergarten.  After exploring our Manners and our Thanksgiving theme, the students will kick off December learning about Winter and the Holiday Season.

Max Masnick