News From The Ladybug Class

The ladybugs have been very busy! Before Thanksgiving we read the book Stone Soup and talked about the different ways we can be good neighbors or friends to each other, and one way we practiced this was by sharing. Our Monday kiddos each brought in a different ingredient and together we made our very own Stone Soup! The kiddos loved cutting their special ingredient from home and then adding it to the pot. We waited, watched, and smelled our soup all the way up until lunchtime. Yum! More recently, we’ve started learning about winter and the upcoming holiday season!

In addition to our weekly theme, the Ladybugs are learning a lot about letters. Each week is dedicated to a certain letter of the alphabet. During that week we work on naming the letter, what sound the letter makes, how to build the letter with wood pieces, and then how to write the uppercase letter. We have been applying this knowledge to our daily sign-ins, where each of our students is working on identifying their name, drawing pre-writing strokes or simple shapes, or writing specific letters, or writing their names.

We’ve had a wonderful first half of the school year, and are very proud of the progress each our kiddos has made. We're looking forward to welcoming our Ladybugs back in January!

- Miss Megan, Lead Teacher

Rise Office