News From The Bears

2016 has been very busy for the Bears. We just finished units on Farm Animals and Things That Go. As always, we have been having a lot of fun incorporating sensory activities into these themes, like finger painting and playing with shaving cream. We are now beginning our unit on Bubbles! Popping bubble wrap has helped us practice our fine motor skills and with blowing bubbles, we work on language and requesting. Who doesn’t love bubbles? It’s always our most popular unit. We so enjoy birthday celebrations and have had several in the class recently. Every milestone is exciting but birthdays are especially fun. It’s also been a treat to have had some beautiful outside days recently – how wonderful to be back on the playground. The Bears have been growing and learning all year long, but as spring begins to bloom, this is the time that we always see a real blossoming in our kiddos as well, with so many new skills and accomplishments. Proud of our Bears!

Kari Kurenitz, M.Ed.

Lead Teacher

Rise Office