News From The Ladybugs

Dear Rise Families,

The Ladybug Class has been very busy this month. For the month of April we have been exploring our spring curriculum. The Colorado weather has been helpful in allowing us to discuss the differences in spring and winter. We have learned about different activities that occur during spring such as bike riding or hiking whereas in winter, we can engage in activities such as sledding or ice skating. We have also used the theme to focus on academic goals such as flower patterns and number sequencing. The students are working on copying and creating patterns using different colored flowers, as well as using butterflies to count with one to one correspondence. This week, the Ladybug class used plastic eggs to match the number of dots to the corresponding numeral. We also had the opportunity to plant our very own flowers.  The students each filled a cup with potting soil and planted a mixture of Colorado flower seeds. Each child has been responsible for caring for the flowers for the last couple weeks. This includes making sure the flower is watered and getting plenty of sun. With this, the students have been able to observe the seeds develop into sprouts and we will eventually transplant these sprouts into the garden on the playground. We will continue to care for and enjoy the beauty of the flowers throughout the rest of spring and summer. 

The Ladybug class also used the spring theme to discuss social emotional concerns. We used the title, “You’re Buggin’ Me” to find ways with which we can communicate with our peers if there is a social problem. The students developed their own ways to solve social problems by using phrases such as, “No thank you” or “Please stop it.”  They also decided on other ways to resolve social issues such as walking away to ignore or asking a teacher for help. One of our sweet Ladybug students even responded with, “We can just give them a hug and everything will be okay.” In other news, we also have a new class pet. Our Beta fish is named Blueberry (named by the students for his colors), so please feel free to stop in and say hello to him.

Next month, the Ladybug Class will begin their exploration of our community helper theme. We will observe our own community and individual helpers within our community. Those may include firefighters, police officers, doctors, veterinarians, chefs, mail persons, teachers, construction workers and many more. We are very lucky to even have a few firefighters come to visit our classroom and discuss what they do, how they help people and even explain the equipment they use. We are excited to begin our new lesson!

Megan Cartwright, Lead Teacher

Rise Office