Springing Into Speech

With the arrival of spring we are all spending more time playing outside! This can be a great time to address speech/language goals because movement and play is so motivating in producing speech/language. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Blow Bubbles- Create opportunities for your child to request more bubbles by holding the bubbles back and waiting for him to let you know he wants to continue.  Model the language or interaction that matches your child’s level- e.g., maybe you are looking for eye contact, maybe a sound, maybe a word or sign, or maybe a phrase or sentence.
  • Swing on the swings- Many young children need help on the swings which creates the perfect opportunity to work on requesting.  Rather than simply pushing the swing, purposefully stop the swing from time to time to give opportunities for your child to ask you to keep the swing going. 
  • Play in the sand together- The sand affords many opportunities for increasing your child’s vocabulary- e.g., dig, dump, shovel, bucket, empty/full, in /out, big/little.  Watch what your child is doing and join in and play.  Make comments about what you are making in the sand- e.g., maybe a birthday cake, maybe a castle, or something else creative!
  • Plant some seeds- The process of flowers growing is a great tool for teaching children about sequences. Allow your child to be part of each step in the process - digging the hole, planting the seed, watering the seed, watching the plant grow. Even consider taking pictures at each step and tehn put them together into a "Growing Flowers Book" that your child can use to describe each step in the process.
- Heather Chrzan, MA, CCC-SLP

- Heather Chrzan, MA, CCC-SLP

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