News From The Caterpillars

Our Caterpillars have learned their letters, days of the week, how to share, use their words and help their friends, some have reached huge milestones like walking and talking with technology assistance … our caterpillars are ready for KINDERGARTEN!! Most of our friends have been here for four years and it's been such a special experience to see these kids learn and grow up! Although we will be all going to different schools, the friendships we made here will last forever. In our last couple months at The Rise School, we will continue to focus on skills that will transfer to their new school and start practicing for our graduation. So, please come see our big Caterpillars graduate on July 14th, and celebrate all their accomplishments over the years!

 “You'll never know friends, how much I'll miss you, but it's time to go on my way!”

– Miss Jacqui

Rise Office