News From The Bears

The Bears classroom is off to a “roaring” start this year with a wonderful, silly group of kiddos. These past few weeks, they have been hard at work learning routines, meeting new friends, and exploring everything around their new classroom and school. As each days goes by, we’re so proud to see how comfortable the kids have become with their teachers, therapists, and a brand-new schedule. This is a tough transition for little ones, and they’ve all joined right in, filling the classroom with laughter, smiles, and lots of playing and learning.

Apple Photo.JPG

We started the school year with a “get-to-know-the classroom” mentality with simple themes such as Welcome to School, and My Family and Me. Now that the kids have become more accustomed to the classroom, we’re finishing up an Apple Theme that allowed kids to explore an item that was already familiar to them. Such a simple, everyday item taught them about colors, sizes, and textures and allowed them to move their bodies to reach for apple picking, and roll apples like balls. The kiddos also got to explore paint with their feet and have sensory experiences with apple pie-scented play dough and a cinnamon oats table. We could tell that the kids have been really enjoying the variety of projects, sensory activities, and fun that came along with exploring apples, so we will be continuing to bring activities into the classroom that excite their senses and get them moving!

We’ve already seen some amazing accomplishments and milestones from the Bears from new words and sounds, to standing independently, and taking some first steps. We feel so privileged to continue to watch their growth throughout the school year, and are excited to see what other exciting successes we can celebrate with our little ones!

- Ms. Therese and Ms. Tristen

Rise Office