News From The Kangaroos


The Kangaroos have hopped right into their new classroom and adjusted very nicely to the new routine! We have been very busy the past few weeks learning all about fall, pumpkins and Halloween. We took a class field trip to the local pumpkin patch were the kids were able to pick out their own pumpkins. For a fun sensory activity, the kids helped carve and explore the inside of a pumpkin. Then they were able to see how a pumpkin can turn into a Jack O’Lantern by putting a candle inside and turning the lights out! And finally, for a science experiment, we turned the pumpkin into a volcano! It has been so fun to learn all about how pumpkins grow, harvesting pumpkins, Halloween and what happens in the season of fall.

The Kangaroos have already been reaching huge milestones such as walking independently, learning sharing strategies for play and huge bursts in language development! We are so excited to see all that the Kangaroos continue to accomplish as the year progresses!


- Ms. Claudia, Ms. Megan and Ms. Kristin

Rise Office