News From The Caterpillars

This month, the Caterpillar class read the book, Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace by: James Promis. In the book we learned that even us kiddos can achieve world peace with small actions.  We followed Paulie's plan of attack and started doing small things like being kind to animals, brothers and sisters, and listening to teachers. :) The Caterpillars learned how to tell apart differences in patterns, adding -er and -ing to words, new signs, some friends are using their talkers more, while others have started to read sight word books. Paulie also taught us that any conflict can be resolved with a cupcake. So last week, the Caterpillars made and delivered cupcakes to all of Rise, in hopes to achieve world peace! Next month, we will be reading the classic, The Mitten - in which the kiddos will be working on sequencing and using new descriptive words. 

- Miss Jacqui

Rise Office