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Did you know...

Music therapy can be an effective tool to support auditory processing skills (e.g. auditory discrimination). For instance, is the music loud or soft? Fast or slow? Auditory skills are important for skills such as following directions and learning and retaining letters and sounds. I always like to use the ABC's as an example of music and learning at work. 

Music challenges the brain to listen for patterns, to differentiate tones and sounds such as how many beats can you hear on the drum. This requires attention, focus and organizing the information heard. I like to call these music brain exercises which are fun and motivating! We do music brain exercises every week in music therapy and I bet you do too. Maybe listening or singing a familiar song in the car or tapping along to a beat. This is your brain recalling and retaining music and all of its elements in a fun organized way. So keep up the playing!

Laura Ganguli, MA, MT-BC
Music Therapist Board Certified

Rise Office