News From The Kangaroos

The Kangaroo class has been very busy in 2017!!! Recently we did a unit on food and manners. The kids measured out different ingredients to make a cheerio dessert. This was a fun and tasty math activity! For a sensory activity, the kids played with spaghetti! The kangaroos also learned how to set the table, sorted fruit loops by color, how food gives us energy and how drinking water can keep us healthy and hydrated! 

Charlie Popcorn.JPG

Earlier this year we did a unit on love, sharing and friendship. This was a fun way to talk about different social emotional skills. The Kangaroos were able to make friendship bracelets for each other, discuss how we treat our friends at The Rise School and in the world! We have been working on sharing with timers and our waiting for a turn song.

Recently we started a community helper’s unit and have been discussing teachers, mail carriers, doctors and dentists. The kangaroos worked on pre-writing skills and made their own postcards with stamps. They then delivered their postcards to other classrooms and in a mailbox in the Kangaroo room. After spring break, we will be learning about firefighters and police officers and headed on a field trip to a local fire station! 

We are so proud of our Kangaroos for all the progress they have made this year academically, socially and with language development!

- Claudia, Megan and Kristin

Rise Office