News From The Ladybugs

The Ladybugs have been very busy this past month! We dove into our spring unit where the kiddos enjoyed talking about different springtime activities, learning about the lifecycle of flowers, and we finished with planting some of our very own flowers! With some sunlight, water, and a lot of waiting time, some of our flowers have finally begun to sprout. Some of our kiddos have been diligently checking in on their flowers and their tender loving care has finally paid off!

This past week we began our unit on Community Helpers, which has always been one of my favorites. This unit allows for the kiddos to engage in dramatic play scenarios with intentionality, which is always fun to watch. Last week, we started talking about different kinds of community helpers. I asked if anyone knew what a doctor who takes care of animals is called, and one of our sweet kiddos said, “Yeah! A vegetarian!” We also talked about what we might want to be when we grow up. Our kiddos chose professions such as doctors, chefs, police officers, moms, dads, and even a princess. We’re looking forward to a visit from a couple of volunteer firefighters come mid-May!  

I’m so proud of all of our kiddos. Each has made such wonderful progress since August. We’re looking forward to finishing the year strong!

Megan Gallager, M. Ed

Lead Teacher, Ladybug Class

Rise Office