News From The Caterpillars

Summer at Rise is officially here :) You can smell the sunscreen down the halls, hear the kids carefree laughter on the playground, and see some tearful parents as they think about moving on to Kindergarten. 


The Caterpillars have been working so hard all year for their transition. Not only have they learned classroom routines, letters, patterns, and days of the week; but they have also mastered The Rise way by learning together with all of their friends and making friendships, regardless of differences. Although our Caterpillar's will be going to different schools next year, the friendships and what they've taught us will last a lifetime. Whether you've been at Rise since the Bear's classroom or were new this year, the transition to Kindergarten can be tough for our kiddos and our parents. 


During the last month of school, each Caterpillar kiddo will have a whole day dedicated to them; where we spend the whole day talking about all the things that we love about each other and all the special memories we have with them. The kiddo's posters with all this love with be displayed at Graduation. Please come celebrate our amazing graduates on July 13th at 10:00 am, followed by a fun potluck at the park. 

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