Classroom Spotlight: Bears!

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The Rise School’s newest and youngest students are already hard at work transitioning into their brand-new classroom. This group of kiddos has surprised us daily with how quickly they caught on to their new schedule, and how much love they already have for their new friends. We’ve been seeing some pretty special friendships start to blossom and a lot of excitement, waves and “hi!” when friends arrive to class each day.

In the first two months, we’ve witnessed some pretty amazing milestones—first words and fun new skills—and we cannot wait to see what these students will achieve throughout the year.  

Now that the Bears have had time to adjust to their new school schedule, we are currently in the middle of the classroom favorite Apple Unit. The kiddos are exploring a simple, familiar object that allows for creativity and teaches a variety of skills.

The classroom has been apple picking, eating apple snacks, and throwing apple shakers to make fun sounds. During art, the Bears worked on their first two-step project. They painted a green tree using multiple textured paintbrushes, and then they used their fine motor skills to peel and place apple stickers all over their painting.

Our apple-themed sensory table has also been a favorite among the kiddos as it focuses on almost all of their senses: bright red colors, metal buckets for loud clangs, textured oats and cinnamon seasoning that the kids helped mix in.

This theme always reminds us how much something so seemingly simple can make a huge difference in learning.

Here’s to a fun school year full of laughter, excitement, and a bunch of love and friendships.

Therese Marucci, M.Ed.
Lead Teacher, Bears Class

Rise Office