Classroom Spotlight: Ladybugs

The Ladybugs have been very busy this fall, learning and adapting to new classroom rules and expectations and that (much) longer walk down the hallway to the back of the building!

I am so pleased with how well our school year is going. Before Thanksgiving break, we read the book “Stone Soup” and talked about the many different ways we can be good friends to each other—by opening our hearts to one another and sharing what others might not have.

Our Tuesday kiddos went “grocery shopping,” and then each brought in a different ingredient. Together, we made our very own Stone Soup! The kiddos worked hard to prepare their special ingredient brought from home, then added it to the big black pot. Carrots, noodles, and peas were a few of the favorites this year.

We waited, watched, and smelled our soup all the way up until lunchtime. Our soup was very well seasoned, and some kiddos even called it “spicy.” Not everyone actually enjoyed the soup, but most were willing to give it a try.

In addition to our weekly theme, the Ladybugs are learning a lot about letters. Each week is dedicated to a certain letter of the alphabet. During that week, we work on naming the letter, what sound the letter makes, how to build the letter with wood pieces, and then how to write the uppercase letter.

We continue to use the curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears. We will soon apply this knowledge to our daily sign-ins, where each kiddo will begin working on identifying their name, drawing pre-writing strokes or simple shapes, and/or writing specific letters.

I can’t believe it’s already December! We’ve had such a great first half of the school year. I’ve loved watching each child come into their own, showing us their personality, making new friends, and becoming more independent with each passing day.

We're looking forward to what the New Year holds for our Ladybugs!

Mrs. Megan Gallagher
Lead Teacher, Ladybugs Class


Rise Office