News From The Caterpillars


The Caterpillars have recently been learning all about Kindness and Friendship! We have also been doing an author study on Ezra Jack Keats this month. One of the Caterpillars favorite Ezra Jack Keats books was “A Letter to Amy”, which is about a little boy who writes a letter all by himself to his friend inviting her to his birthday party, and he mails the letter to her. The Caterpillars learned how to write post cards and stamp them with real stamps. These postcards are currently in the mail right now! The Caterpillars also recently celebrated Valentine’s Day! They each decorated a Valentine’s bag, made individual valentines for each of their friends, and distributed them on Valentine’s Day. For the month of March, the Caterpillars will study a new author, Mo Willems, and learn all about his unique writing style and illustrations!



In addition to our weekly theme and author of the month, the Caterpillars are also learning about letters, phonemic awareness, math, and how to write All About Books. We have a letter of the week, where we study a letter of the alphabet during our morning circle. We also have a Handwriting Without Tears letter once a week, where the class learns how to write uppercase letters by building the letters with wood pieces, practicing the letter on a chalk board, and then writing the letter on paper using crayons. Phonemic awareness accelerates the reading and writing growth of the entire classroom. During phonemic awareness lessons, they learn about rhyming, they play listening games, learn how to build words and sentences, become aware of syllables, learn about initial and final sounds, and are currently learning about phonemes. Math lessons are built into their everyday routines- number of the day, attendance routine, and building the monthly calendar. We have also learned a lot about numeration and will learn about measurement, geometry, operations, patterning, and money activities in the near future!


We’ve had a wonderful school year so far, and are so pleased with the progress that our kids are making everyday! 


Addie Adler, M.Ed. 

Lead Teacher, Caterpillar Class

Rise Office