News From The Ladybugs

The Ladybugs have been very busy the past several months. Recently we dove into our spring unit where the kiddos enjoyed talking about different springtime activities, learning about the lifecycle and the different parts of a flower, and looking at seeds through a magnifying glass. We’ve been fortunate enough to have gone on a few springtime walks, thanks to the beautiful weather. While walking, we stopped to talk about how things outside are starting to look and feel different— the grass is turning green, flowers and trees are starting to bloom, and the sunshine feels warmer! This week we began our unit on Community Helpers, which has always been one of my favorites! This unit allows for the kiddos to engage in dramatic play scenarios with intentionality, which is always fun to watch.


Ladybugs 1.jpeg

Something else we’ve been working hard on is Collaboration Stations! The Ladybugs and Caterpillars have teamed up this year to form several small groups with kiddos working together from each classroom. Every week a new activity is introduced based on different developmental domains. With these groups comes routine— opening song, feelings board, thematic song/movement, activity, cleanup and closing song. All of the kiddos are thriving during these small group interactions and it’s become one our favorite parts of the day! 


I’m so proud of all of our kiddos. Each has made such wonderful progress since August. We’re looking forward to finishing these last few months on a high note!


Ms. Megan, Lead Teacher 

Rise Office