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Dance the summer away...

Jump, wiggle, bend, tiptoe, stretch, bend and twirl!  All these movements are developing complex physical skills that are essential to interacting with others and the world around us.

Music w Caterpillars.jpg

Dancing helps children develop important spatial awareness skills whether they are moving in place or through space alone, with a partner, or in a group.  Spatial awareness is the ability to understand the physical relationship between ourselves and the people and objects around us.  Spatial awareness assists your child in everything from lining up for recess, to running around and playing on the playground, to giving you a hug.

So, on those hot summer days where inside play may be the best option put on a song with a fun beat.  Start by just moving to the music, first slowly, and then faster, using both sides and all parts of your bodies.  Then try moving one body part on only one side and then the other.  Have fun and experiment with different body parts!


- Laura Ganguli, MA, MT-BC

Rise Office