Classroom Spotlight: Bears

The Bears classroom has been celebrating a lot of big milestones lately: from first steps to new words, we are so proud of how much these students have accomplished in such a short period of time.

Friendships and empathy have started to emerge, and these kiddos are really showing us why inclusion is so powerful. I’ve watched our youngest students make sure that all children have had a turn in a game, hold the hand of a friend who was learning to walk, and cheer for another’s feeding successes.

One friend even ran over to tell me “I did it!” when he shared with a friend. These Bears are so excited to see each other every day, and so happy to learn and play together; we can’t wait to continue watching their friendships blossom.

In a classroom full of silly, active Bears, we decided to try out a “Music” theme so the students would move and dance throughout the day. The class has been exploring a variety of musical instruments, but the favorite has been the drums and mallets. We’ve used their excitement to learn about opposites, such as “slow and fast” and “stop and go” while they are playing, and have them notice the difference between the big and small drums.

 “Slow and fast” has also been a fun concept to learn while playing instruments (and very challenging when you’re learning impulse control). To continue their eagerness in drumming, we did a painting-to-music art project where the children listened to fast-tempo music while banging their paintbrushes or hands on to the paper.

Another class favorite was “composing music” on a vertical surface. The Bears used dot markers to make music notes on the paper by reaching as high as they could or squatting low to reach the bottom.

 The Bears will finish up the “Music” theme this week by color-matching with colored bells, using their pincher grasp to create shakers and rainsticks, matching instruments in a book to our music puzzle, and, of course, singing their favorite songs throughout the day.

 Here’s to a fun rest of the school year full of silliness, movement, and lots of love!

Therese Marucci, M.Ed.
Lead Teacher, Bears Class

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