Classroom Spotlight: Kangaroos

Hello from the Kangaroos class! It seems like almost daily we are celebrating growth and new milestones. A few of our friends are learning new words every day and using language with more and more independence. We also have a couple of students who are so close to independent steps!

One of my favorite parts about working at Rise is seeing our model really, truly work every day. It’s something special to watch one student help another student who may be struggling with a transition, to hold their hand and say, “Let’s find our stools.”

These Kangaroos cheer their friends on when someone rides a bike with increased independence, and they check on one another if a friend is sad. They are forming special bonds and friendships, and I love watching them be supportive of one another every day. Although they can be a wild crew, we sure do have a sweet bunch of kiddos this year!

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up our Numbers & Counting theme. It was a fun one for sure. I think Megan, Jodi, and I were all surprised by how high a lot of the kids could count—and how many could recognize a lot of their numbers. It was also one of those themes where we could really watch them grow and gain knowledge over the course of two weeks.

Every morning at circle time we count who is at school. During this theme, we heard kids who hadn’t wanted to lead the counting take the lead! We saw their confidence grow, and it’s always fun to see them try something new. One of our friends even counted his friends in Spanish! That was a super fun surprise.

The Kangaroos practiced their pincer grasps by putting pipe cleaners into cups with holes in the bottoms. They got to pick a number, and then count as they put the pipe cleaners in.

A final favorite was practicing counting, along with waiting during music with Ms. Laura. The Kangaroos held onto their own scarves, counted down, and waited for Ms. Laura’s cues to throw their scarves into the air! This was great practice combining several skills together, and it sure did get a lot of laughs.

Now that spring break is over, and we’ve experienced glimpses of warmer weather, we are looking forward to continuing our school year with lots of learning, love, and laughter!

-Cate Camacho, M.S.Ed., Kangaroos Class Lead Teacher



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