The Bohle Family


This is Evan’s first year at the Rise School of Denver. Evan was previously at another preschool where we struggled to have his complicated needs met. As we searched for a better option, one of our therapists mentioned Rise. Even with an amazing recommendation, we were still worried.

Evan has a rare neurological disorder, is unable to talk, and has gross, fine and sensory needs. Rise has a reputation for being inclusive and having many classroom supports, but we had been disappointed with our past experience and worried if this would be the same. Now looking back, we strongly believe sending Evan to Rise has been one of the best decisions we have ever made for him.

Within just a few short months at Rise, Evan has shown measurable growth in all areas of development. In fact, we have seen more growth from Evan in this small amount of time, than he has had in any other classroom environment.

We have been able to see firsthand what an inclusive supportive environment can do for our child, and it is more meaningful than words can express. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the hard work and passion that the people of Rise bring with them every day. Thank you Rise for making our son stronger.

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