The Bolin Family

We chose Rise because we wanted Brady to learn and grow in an inclusive environment, but also have access to the additional therapies he needed and to be able to work with teachers who have a background in special education. The structure of the Rise school set the foundation for where and who Brady is today and what he is capable of doing. He is well on his way to becoming an independent child. We could not be happier. Also, the relationships that I have been able to form with other moms and families of children with special needs are priceless. Our journeys may all be different, but there is an understanding that is so incredible. We love all of the families, but to connect with those going through similar things makes this journey easier. Rise has a unique program-- For one, it's inclusive. And two, it's a full day. It's a smaller school, which I prefer, and the kids get to learn and grow for 4 years together. Rise becomes family and I'm not sure you find that anywhere else you look! ←Back to Support Rise