The Buniger Family

I was recently asked to describe a time when I received exemplary customer service. After a brief reflection, I came up with an answer. My son Noah was going to a daycare center which was not used to dealing with children with special needs. Every day I would pick him up and notice that more often than not, he was sitting in a corner playing by himself. I don't believe he was being neglected - because if you know Noah, he would often rather be left alone to play with a spinning toy than be bothered. But despite him enjoying this activity, the father in me wanted to make sure he was being treated the same as everyone else. I needed to know that he was being given the same opportunities as his classmates. After discussing my concerns with his teachers, Tamara and I decided that we needed to find a better place where he would get the most out of his school day every day.

We went into Rise having already heard good things and with our minds pretty much made up that we wanted to send him there. After our tour, Meghan, the Director, informed us that the school had about a year waiting list which Noah would be placed on. Since we were so disappointed that he couldn't start immediately, Meghan offered to send some of her staff over to the daycare that Noah was currently going to, to give his teachers some training and ideas on how to better handle Noah. You can understand our sense of elation upon hearing this because that type of "customer service" seems to be long gone in this day and age.

Rise has been a godsend for our family. Every day we send Noah to school knowing that he will be accepted, included, and loved. We know that everyone on the staff is truly invested in our child and helping him make as much progress everyday as they can. I have seen many of the small miracles they perform daily first hand and can honestly say they are nothing short of amazing. I always tell people that nobody will love your children the way you do, but I honestly think the staff at Rise comes very close. I know that I was placed on this earth to be Noah's father and nothing pleases me more than to know he is learning, progressing, and thriving at a school that truly is invested in his future. Please support Rise because nobody plans on needing this type of school, but I don't know what I would do if it weren't an option for our family.

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