The Buzek Family

I’m not sure if we chose The Rise School or if The Rise School chose us—perhaps it’s a combination of the two. We received our daughter’s, Juniper’s, diagnosis when she was nine days old and immediately started searching for places where we, and especially our daughter, could be understood and appreciated not only by families who have children with special needs, but by everyone. As someone who researches in the area of early childhood special education and specializes in inclusion, finding a high-quality, inclusive preschool for my daughter became a life mission! But after being around the people of The Rise School of Denver, we knew that there was no other place where our daughter, and our family, could go that better embodies the spirit (and also the evidence-based practices) of inclusion for young children with and without special needs.

I’ve recently been given the honor of supporting The Rise School as a member of their board of directors. I’m thrilled to be involved with the school in this capacity. If someone were to ask why I chose to be this involved with The Rise School, I would say that they “just get it”—inclusion, early childhood education, early childhood special education, they “just get” all of it. And, as a mother and ECSE researcher, it would be my hope that every child with or without special needs could attend The Rise School or a school just like it. I truly believe this would make the world a different, better place. ←Back to Support Rise