The Clark Family

We have been a part of the Rise School since 2011. We chose Rise because it was the perfect fit for all of our kids.

Our daughter Meredith was the reason we found Rise. She had a Cornelia de Lange Syndrome-related genetic disorder and epilepsy. She and our three typically developing children all thrived at Rise. Wesley, our youngest, is currently in the Ladybugs class. It has become his second home. Here are some things we love about The Rise School:

We love that Wesley is excited to go to school each morning.

We love that each child gets to work with physical, occupational, speech and music therapists to make learning fun and meaningful.

We love that Wesley is in class with typically developing peers and peers with special needs.

We love that the ratio at the Rise School allows for a lot of individualized attention and planning that meets each child where they are.

We love that Wesley will be well prepared for kindergarten in all different aspects of his development.

We love that the Rise School is a loving and welcoming community!

The Rise School has given all of our children the best foundation possible. Wesley will be just as prepared as our older children were for elementary school, but more importantly, he will have gained an understanding that there are different kinds of people in this world. He will learn to value all his friends and appreciate their differences.

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