The Clements Family

This is our daughter Maddie’s first year at the Rise School and the progress that she has made in such a short period of time is amazing. Maddie has Down Syndrome and a swallowing disorder that prevents many schools and daycares from accepting her. But at the Rise School she is fully accepted and included every single day.

The teachers and therapists at Rise have gone above and beyond to connect with the people that work with Maddie outside of school so that we can make sure that our goals for therapy at home are in sync with our goals for her therapy in school. The product of this coordination was obvious to me within her first few weeks at the Rise School when she began to bear enough weight on her feet to stand with support – something that we had been working on for months beforehand. I cried that day not only because I was so proud of hard she was working but also because it represented the work of so many people, all working together to push her to do her best and to support and encourage her.

The Rise School is such a special place. It’s given our family hope that there will be places for Maddie to find acceptance as she gets older. Places that will include her, that aren’t intimidated by what makes her different from typical children, and places that make everybody feel like they belong. ←Back to Support Rise

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