The Dichter Family


We feel so lucky to be a part of the community at The Rise School of Denver. We placed our oldest daughter, Kamryn (age 5) at Rise when she was 2 ½ and then a year later put our younger daughter, Maya (age 3) at Rise. Our decision to have our daughters attend Rise was because of our desire to have them be part of a diverse community of learners. It was important to us that they were surrounded by others who are different from them. This has proved very powerful as our girls have learned to be empathetic to the needs of others and recognize that everyone has their own strengths.

While we knew that therapy (Speech, OT, PT, and Music) is a part of every child’s week at Rise, we didn’t know that Kamryn would eventually be diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities and these services would be critical to her growth. We feel so blessed that she was already in a school where her needs could be supported without having to move to a new school and that her classroom teachers had strategies and support in meeting her needs. Kamryn is now in Kindergarten and is thriving which we believe is a big testament to her experience at Rise.

Our younger daughter, Maya, has also had a wonderful experience at Rise. While she does not have the same learning challenges that Kamryn has, she has thrived in the Rise classrooms. Teachers are constantly working to meet her needs and keep her challenged. She has the opportunity to work with both typical peers and those with challenges and has learned how to recognize and be empathetic to the needs of those around her.

Rise is truly a special place. The entire staff works tirelessly to make sure every child regardless of need has individualized instruction to challenge them at their level. We have experienced this first hand with two children at Rise who have very different learning styles and needs. Staff members are compassionate about working with kids and providing a space for them to thrive. Rise is unique in its approach and provides a safe space for kids to grow and learn. We are so fortunate that our family has been able to be a part of this community.

The Rise School of Denver has offered so much to our family. Our oldest daughter Kamryn started at Rise in the Kangaroo classroom in 2014 and is now in her third year. We originally chose Rise because of the focus on each individual child as well as the exposure she would have to peers who are different than her. Not long after starting at Rise we could see that Kamryn has a big heart for helping others and being at Rise has given her the opportunity to cultivate this compassion. We have seen Kamryn develop empathy for others that far exceeds what our expectations would be for a 4-year-old child. After Kamryn’s first year at Rise, it was an easy decision to place our younger daughter Maya at Rise as well. Maya has had an equally positive experience. She continually needs to be challenged and the teachers and administration have been very in tune to her needs and worked to make sure that she is reaching her potential. The staff, teachers, therapists and families make it a wonderful community that we feel lucky to be a part of every day.

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