Miss Dylann's Story


Miss Dylann's Story

Home is where you go to feel happy, see people you truly care about, and push others to be the best they can be. Home is where you learn and where you grow. That's why it is hard to call Rise my place of work. Rise is my second home. I feel so incredibly lucky to go to a place everyday where my coworkers are warm and welcoming. I feel even luckier to be able to foster growth and success in our students' lives.

When people say that Rise is special, they mean just that. Rise is a place where first words are spoken and first steps are taken. With our special inclusion model, we have kiddos who learn and grow EVERY SINGLE DAY. The best part about this model is that the teachers aren't the only ones doing the teaching. Kids teach each other so much! They show each other new ways to play and take turns and solve problems. They stand at the gates to our classrooms and cheer on a peer who is taking first independent steps using a walker. Rise is a special place to be. Rise is a home to many people... kiddos and teachers.

Colorado Gives Day is an important day! This day allows for people all over Colorado to give back to their communities. Colorado Gives Day is a very important day for Rise as well. This is a day where we all band together and ask for people to think of us, the educators of our community's little ones, when deciding where to donate. Rise owns the building that we were previously renting. This is so exciting for the kiddos! This means we are now able to start renovating and expanding our space to better serve those kiddos currently at Rise, and to begin serving the 100+ kiddos on our waitlist. I humbly request that you, whoever is reading this, to seriously think about donating anything, a lot or a little, to Rise this Colorado Gives Day. The little ones of our future thanks you! ←Back to Support Rise

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