The Jones Family

Earlier this year I remember being totally consumed with stress, anxiety, worry, and felt like I was failing my son, my job, and my marriage. When Miles' health started to spiral and I knew he wasn't getting the quality childcare we needed, it was nothing short of paralyzing. I spent months trying to hold it together but ultimately took a leave of work in early April. It was around the same time that Miles was accepted for the 2016 school year at Rise. It was such an answer to our prayers. With over 120 students on their wait list it really did feel like winning the lottery. Miles had so many changes from the time we were enrolled to starting in September and every time I met with them they were confident and had experience with what we were working on. It was such a relief.

Fast forward to now, and I often joke that Miles should live there. He is truly thriving at school and I know his needs are met and then some. Miles is known as the little man on campus and adored by all. When I ask him if he's ready for school he yells "YEAH" every time. I'm so grateful for Rise and thrilled that they are going to expand to serve more families. This year they are purchasing the church building they reside in and need your help! An anonymous donor is DOUBLING all donations, so please consider donating to Rise- Even a small donation will go far! ←Back to Support Rise