The McCallin Family

I got involved with the Rise School of Denver about 3 years ago after my nephew, Breccan, was born with Down syndrome. At that time, I didn’t know much about Down syndrome, or special education at all. I joined the Board of Directors and have had the honor of working within this wonderful school ever since. The challenges that many of these children overcome on a daily basis is awe-inspiring. The teachers, therapists and administrators at the school are driven, passionate people whose positivity is contagious. Just hanging out in one of these classrooms, even for 5 minutes, becomes one of the highlights of my day. My two year old son, Tate, just started at Rise, and is in the Bears classroom. I can’t imagine a better place for him to begin his education. Our Board is currently working on a number of exciting projects for the school to make it even better. This is a fantastic place run by incredible people, and I am so happy that my family and I are a part of it. ←Back to Support Rise