Miss Megan's Story


As I sit down to write what Rise means to me, I find it hard to put into words, again. I said the same thing last year. It’s true, I don’t know how to express what this place, my work home, means to me. This is my third year at Rise, and as each year passes, I don’t know how I ended up in a gig where I watch children achieve milestones (really important ones!) on a regular basis, while at the same time, I get to watch children see no difference in one another, in fact, they celebrate each other’s differences. Just last week, one of my kiddos looked at their friend who typically wears glasses, watched him put them back on after nap, and without hesitation said, “You look perfect.”

This is my sixth year working in an inclusive preschool setting. From a staff members point of view, inclusion doesn’t get much better than this. Each child is met at their developmental level, whether it be from a lead teacher, one of two teaching assistants, one of four therapists, or a peer. Bottom line, everyone is included in all parts of the day. Our model works-- Kiddos who are typically developing learning alongside kiddos with special needs, while all receiving the same therapies. I am beyond thankful to have found Rise and to work in an environment that is so supportive of children and their families, but also of myself.

It’s an exciting time for us! Just ten days after Colorado Gives Day, we are scheduled to close on the purchase of our property on Eastman Avenue. With this purchase comes some much needed upgrades to our current building as well as the addition of four classrooms. With over 120 families still on our waitlist, the need to expand is overwhelmingly present. With your support, we will finally have a place of our own. So again, as I did last year, I’m asking you to support Rise and all that it stands for. ←Back to Support Rise