The Mollenhauer Family


Our daughter, Zoe started at the Rise School last year, just a couple of weeks before turning two. Although we had been struggling to motivate her to crawl at home, within weeks of joining the school she started to crawl on all fours and soon she was chasing after her peers in the classroom, participating in play activities and being included in ways that I would not have thought possible. As a baby, she had been scared by other children her age, and even after that fear subsided she was reluctant to engage with them.

But at Rise she seemed to immediately be welcomed by the other children and the teachers found ways to encourage her socialization. She quickly made friends who were accepting of her unique challenges and this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her time at Rise. Her friends have become her helpers and teachers, while the teachers and therapists have become caring friends who cheer her on and adapt the learning process to her individual needs and strengths.

The parents at Rise are also cheerleaders for all the children at the school, which creates an environment of support and love that is tied to the school’s mission and its students. Zoe has made significant progress in many areas of development over the past year and we could not be more grateful for the incredible Rise community that has helped her to achieve those goals.

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