The Teeter Family

After a normal pregnancy and straightforward delivery, we were blindsided when our brand new baby boy suffered a stroke and required life saving surgery. In those terrifying and challenging early days and weeks we had no idea what the future would hold for our son. As he continued to heal and grow, we learned about the Rise School of Denver through our multitude of therapists who all raved about this inclusive preschool program. The Rise School allows children with special needs an opportunity to participate and learn alongside their typically developing peers while also receiving support from therapists and highly qualified classroom teachers.

Our son's stroke resulted in him being diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy. His balance and coordination are affected and learning to walk has been a challenge but he is very verbal, social, happy, and determined! Rise School has given him an opportunity to practice new skills in a safe environment where he is always supported and encouraged by his teachers, therapists, and classmates. All children benefit from this learning environment where skills are modeled, repeated, and every activity has so much intention behind it. Plus they all see and learn empathy, patience, and kindness.

Weston has thrived in his years at Rise and we as parents have found such an amazing community. They have seen us through ups and downs and have celebrated every milestone with us. Their expertise and advice navigating the special needs world has been incredibly welcome and reassuring. There is nothing else like this unique school in the state of Colorado. Fundraising efforts support the school's continued operation and desperately needed expansion to accommodate more families whose children could benefit so greatly from inclusive education. The World could use more Rise School graduates. Please join us in supporting the amazing mission of this wonderful school.

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