The Tejada Family

We believe our greatest responsibility as parents is to teach our son empathy, to move through life side by side with others. The Rise School is a place where Diego learns to see similarities before differences, and the various types of development are just the beginning. Through inclusive education the children learn that their differences make them unique, yet their similarities are greater and make them friends.

Already at 2 years old, Diego is learning to be aware of how others feel. He jumps alongside children who are happy and approaches children who are crying to see if they're ok. As Diego grows through these important developmental years before Kindergarten, he is learning that his "peers" are "friends."

Twice a year when Diego's teachers sit down with us to create personalized goals, it is clear that the staff members are top notch. They have a superhuman ability to stay patient and positive – even when most parents would lose their cool. The teachers are highly qualified, and everything they do is intentional. Diego thrives on the routine and predictability in his day at Rise. He naps and eats better on days there, and he asks about his friends and teachers when he's away.

Spanish is our family's first language at home. Diego's teachers carry the Spanish language over to the classroom, learning words as Diego learns them. We recently observed the teachers leading Diego and his classmates to count in English then in Spanish. This is a big deal for our family. We live in a world that can feel scary and threatening at times to people who are "different." We are careful about where we speak Spanish in public, not knowing how it will be received. Rise is a safe haven where our family is accepted and our differences are embraced. We are so grateful to be a part of the Rise community! ←Back to Support Rise