Ages And Stages

The Rise School uses Ages and Stages Questionnaires® as an assessment tool for all typical developing children, twice a year, as part of our Parent-Teacher conferences. Professionals rely on ASQ for the best developmental and social-emotional screening for children from one month to 5 ½ years. Highly reliable and valid, ASQ looks at strengths and trouble spots, educates parents about developmental milestones, and incorporates parents’ expert knowledge about their children.

Screening young children is an effective, efficient way for professionals to catch problems and start treatment when it does the most good—during the crucial early years when the child’s brain and body are developing so rapidly.

Because developmental and social-emotional delays can be subtle and can occur in children who appear to be developing typically, most children who would benefit from early intervention are not identified until after they start school.

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Get Set For School

Part of Handwriting Without Tears®, Get Set for School™ helps Pre-K young learners gain the skills and experiences they need for lifelong learning success. Their hands-on curriculum focuses on the three core learning areas—readiness & writing, language &literacy, and numbers & math. GSS gets preschoolers singing, dancing, coloring, building, and exploring on a joyous journey to school.

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Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies GOLD is an ongoing observational assessment tool, based upon years of feedback from thousands of educators and important research about how children develop and learn. GOLD is an assessment system that helps teachers be intentional in their teaching and develop goals for each child, by pinpointing where children are along a continuum of development and learning. Learn more at:

Online tools allow our teachers to easily enter and track a child’s classroom progress. This progress is then shared with parents at their Fall and Spring parent-teacher conferences.The Rise School uses Teaching Strategies GOLD™ to help create our classroom environments through defined Objections and Development & Learning Birth through Kindergarten.



Rise has partnered with Special Olympics Colorado to participate in the Young Athletes program for more than 10 years. YAP is designed to engage all of our children through developmentally appropriate play activities, fostering physical, cognitive and social development. Our pre-assessment involved having the children try various foundational skills of playing “I Spy” (incorporating our Zoo Phonic letters and animals!) walking on designated paths, balance beams, and balancing, jumping, ball trapping, catching, throwing and kicking.

Rise classroom teachers have been given online education resources for another Special Olympic Program called “Get Into It”, which focuses on themes of diversity, similarities/differences and advocacy for all people. Learn more about this remarkable inclusive program at atletes.aspx.

Zoo Phonics

The Rise School uses Zoo Phonics to help your child learn speech language, and literacy skills! Here are some important things to know about Zoo Phonics: All 26 letters of the alphabet are paired with an animal shaped letter to help the child remember the shapes and sounds of the letter. Each animal has a name that will help the child learn the letter’s sound (e.g., Allie Alligator, Catina Cat, DeeDee Deer, etc). Letter sounds are taught before letter names because we use sounds when we read and spell, not letter names. We will teach children to read lower case letters first since 95% of the text children see is lowercase. Remember that only first letters of sentences and important names are capitalized.

We will continue to teach children to write capital letters first since developmentally it is easier to copy the straight lines found in capital letters than the curves found in many lower case letters. Each animal letter has an associated movement to help the child “cement” this information into memory. For example, for Allie Alligator we make big chomping movements with our arms and say, “a.” The Zoo-phonics Body Signals allow children to put their natural “wiggles” to good use and act as a cue for memory. Zoo Phonics is appropriate for children of all ages at the Rise School and the fun, active, multi-sensory approach makes it appropriate for all different kinds of children. We are very excited to watch your child learn language and literacy using this program as the year progresses! Learn more at